HR 360

HR 360 is a comprehensive solution that helps to improve employee experience, ensure compliance with regulations, make better-informed decisions, and reduce costs.



On-boarding/Recruitment management includes employee data management, task assignment and tracking, document management, on-boarding workflows, integration with other HR modules, and reporting and analytics.


Employee management involves managing the entire employee lifecycle, from hiring & on-boarding to performance management & off-boarding with improve operational efficiency and aid in identifying areas for improvement.


Document management involves creating, storing, & managing business documents like contracts, invoices, and purchase orders in a centralized location within the system. It improves business processes, reduce errors and increase efficiency.


Training Management helps organizations improve employee performance, productivity, and engagement by providing employees with the necessary training and development opportunities.


Promotion Management ensures fairness & transparency in the promotion process, which can boost employee morale and reduce turnover.


Delegation Management help organizations streamline their workflow, enhance employee productivity, and foster a culture of trust and empowerment.

My Leaves

Leave management helps in managing employee time-off requests and maintaining accurate records of leave balances and entitlements.

My Requests

My Requests management allows employees to submit many types of requests, such as leave requests, travel requests, or expense requests, through a self-service portal in the system.

Vacation Settlement

Vacation Settlement Management provides automation, compliance, integration, reporting, self-service, and security features, making it an ideal solution for organizations of all sizes and industries.

End of Service

End of Service Management helps organizations manage the retirement of products, assets, or services that have reached the end of their useful life in a compliant, efficient, and organized manner.

Annual Objectives

Annual Objectives Management generates performance reports, conduct trend analysis, & provide inputs for continuous improvement.

Annual Appraisals

Annual Appraisals Management provides an efficient way to manage the performance appraisal process.It ensures fairness and transparency in the performance appraisal process.
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