100% Compliant to Saudi 
E-Invoicing and GAZT VAT

What is commate erp?

COMMATE ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud Platform that bridges the gap between business & software. And it helps you run your business more effectively & efficiently.

is it good for my company?

Whether you are a small/medium/large organization and looking to re-organize, increase profitability, increase efficiency, increase productivity of your business then you need it.


Leverage the powerful tools & decision making KPIs that keeps you ahead of the competition. It helps your company by minimizing losses caused by lack of information and poor internal collaboration & communication. 


Ready for various tax standards across the globe

USA | Canada | UK | UAE | Saudi Arabia | Bahrain | Oman | India | Singapore | Turkey

commate erp

provides a complete solution to meet your business objectives and to manage your business from one single platform securely with simplicity and ease of use.


COMMATE ERP is a cloud based solution, access it from anywhere anytime and scale it up as your business grows.

We also offer on-premise solution.

Workflow & Approvals

Extremely powerful yet easy to use workflows. With Workflows the business process gets automated and you can focus on business development rather than process. 

Dashboards & KPIs

Intuitive Dashboards translates data in to meaningful information that helps you take quick and effective business decisions.

Mobile APP

Get instant notifications and alerts on your mobile device. Stay informed all the time and don't let the distance delay your business anymore.

no expensive servers

No Server Hardware Cost and No IT Experts needed for maintenance of the system. We provide you the platform and you just focus on operating & developing your business. And most importantly we keep the system up-to-date at no extra cost.

get going

Cut down the implementation time and cost by going with COMMATE ERP. We have an average go live time frame ranging 2-4 weeks. And before that, get a FREE demo and experience the benefits that COMMATE ERP can bring you you.

Business 360°

HR 360

A company is formed with Employees and Employees are the most important asset of the company.

On-boarding / Recruitment Management
Employee Management
Document Management
Leave Management
My Requests Management

Training Management
Promotion Management
Delegation Management

Annual Objectives Management
Annual Appraisals Management

End of Service (EoS) Management 
Vacation Settlement Management

Payroll Management

A company is formed with Employees and Employees are the most important asset of the company.

Time & Attendance Management
Roster & Shifts Management
Payroll for Employees
Payroll by Site/Office
Adhoc Entries in Payroll
Payroll Payments
PDF Payslips with Encryption
Parameterized Payroll Setup to support local compliance
Import Data from Excel - Adhoc Entries 
Import Data from Excel - Timesheets

Finance Management

A complete and tightly integrated finance management helps you ease-up your day-to-day financial tasks.

General Ledger
Journal/Payment/Receipt Vouchers
Accounts Payable (A/P)
Accounts Receivable (A/R)
Aging Accounts
Multiple Cost Centers
Budge Management

Cash Flow Management
Expense Claim Management
Petty Cash Management

Check Printing

Sales & CRM

With just one step taken in creating a Sales Order, rest of the process of Invoicing, Delivery & Payments becomes seamlessly simple. And with the Approval workflows embedded it moves the business faster than before.

Comprehensive CRM
Sales Orders Management
A/R Invoicing
A/R Down Payment Invoicing
Material Delivery
Material Returns

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Procurement Management offers the same set of features as Sales Management but with the perspective of Procurement.
One of the most important aspect of any business is managed with same level of importance.

Request for Quotation
Material Request
Purchase Request
Purchase Orders Management
A/P Invoicing
A/P Down Payment Invoicing
Goods Receipt
Goods Returns
Detailed Inventor Transactions
Multiple Warehouses
Internal Transfers
Material In/Out
Damaged Goods Management
Inventory Write-Offs
Inventory by Project/Sales Order
Batch & Expiry Date wise Inventory
Multiple UOM

Production Management

Production is complex but the solution to manage it has to be simple, this is exactly what we provide in our Production Management Module. Simple yet very powerful.

Production Request
Production Order
Raw Material Requisition
Final Goods Delivery
Quality Control Checks
Manage Multiple BOMs

Employee Self-Service

Employees will be able to manage & track their requests in real-time, say bye to paper work and hectic follow-ups.

Leave Requests
Other Requests
Expense Claims
Pay Slips Repository
Document Repository
Personalized Calendar
Tasks & Reminders

Personalized Dashboard
Annual Objectives
Annual Appraisals
Access to Company Policies
Access to Announcements
And Create any type of request on the fly

Dashboards, KPIs & Reporting

Intuitive Dashboards translates data in to meaningful information that helps you take quick and effective business decisions.

CRM Dashboard
Sales Dashboard
Purchasing Dashboard
Finance Dashboard
HR Dashboard
Create KPIs on fly
Pivot Charts on fly

Powerful Workflows & Approvals

Extremely powerful yet easy to use workflows. With Workflows the business process gets automated and you can focus on business development rather than process.

VAT Management

With the power of tightly integrated with VAT all financial transactions are fully compliant with local tax regulations and make VAT Returns a breeze.

Generate VAT return report in few clicks
VAT Return report includes detailed transactions that support VAT returns.
Create VAT categories as per your local regulations

Banking Management

One of the implicit business partner of any business is a Bank and all transactions go through them.

Manage Multiple Bank Accounts
Issue Letter of Credit / Letter of Guarantee
Reconcile Transaction with Bank
Bank Letter Templates for quick action

Project Management

The Project Management Module we provide is a high level management module which does what is basically needed by most of the companies in a simple yet powerful & effective way.

Create Multiple Projects
Create Project Plans using Gantt Charts
Track Project Process on Gantt Charts
Allocate Resources to Projects
Multiple Sites in a Project
Google Maps to show Project Sites

Fixed Assets Management

Managing and tracking Fixed Assets has always been challenging but with our Fixed Assets Management you can relax.

Assets Inventory & Tracking
Assets Assignments
Assets Maintenance
Assets Depreciation

Assets Amortization

Equipment, Maintenance & Transportation (EMT)

Manage your equipment & vehicles efficiently and keep them up-to-date using our EMT module.

Create & Track Maintenance Request
Create Maintenance Job Cards
Assign Jobs to team
Maintenance Schedule
Equipment Gate Pass
Track Equipment/Vehicle Movements
Accident Register
Fuel Manager
Equipment & Vehicle Document Management


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Cyber secured by design

  COMMATE ERP has been designed keeping cybersecurity in mind, it strongly takes care of many type of attacks thus making is robust and resilient  

Resilient to ddos attacks

resilient to sql injections

resilient to cross site scripting attacks

reslient to man-in-the-middle attack

resilient to remote code execution

fully pentested

We add value to your business

Our clients have gained efficiency, transparency, mobility and many more advantages by running their business on COMMATE ERP. Whether you are a business owner or a manager or an employee of a company, COMMATE ERP will help you get more than what you have been getting today.

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We just don't sell our product but also provide business consultation services to help you seutp your buisness on COMMATE ERP


For us, after sales support is more important than selling the product itself. We know that with good support you will succeed in your business which indirectly will help us in creating a strong reference as yours.

data migration

When a company goes with COMMATE ERP, we understand that there is a need to migrate their master/core data on to our system and we provide full support in making this happen with ease with our migration templates and backend migration services


We ensure that your business runs with latest, up-to-date and secured COMMATE ERP at all times, And we keep a constant track on technology trends and apply the latest technology in our product

we help you achieve 

Digital transformation



incorporated by-design

become a part of this digital transformation and access your business anytime, anywhere!