Employee Self Service

It helps employees to access and manage their own HR-related information, reducing administrative overhead for HR personnel and empowering employees to take ownership of their HR tasks.


It is designed to improve employee satisfaction, engagement, and productivity by providing easy access to relevant HR information and services.


Leave Requests

The employee can submit a leave request by selecting the type of leave (such as sick leave, annual leave, or maternity leave), the start and end dates of the leave, and any other relevant information.

Other Requests

It provides employees with a simple & efficient way to communicate their needs & requirements to HR personnel, allowing them to address these requests promptly & effectively.

Expense Claims

It allows employees to submit expense claims for reimbursement & streamlines the process of submitting expense claims, eliminates paperwork, and reduces the administrative burden on HR personnel.

Payslips Repository

It allows employees to access & download their payslips at any time, from anywhere. It eliminates the need for HR personnel to manually distribute payslips to employees, reducing administrative tasks & improving efficiency in the workplace.

Document Repository

It provides employees with a convenient & secure way to access & manage their personal documents, while also improving efficiency & reducing administrative tasks for HR personnel.

Personalized Calendar

It provides a visual representation of employees work schedule, including important dates such as holidays, vacation time, and other absences.

Tasks & Reminders

It allows employees to manage their daily tasks and deadlines, as well as receive reminders for upcoming events or deadlines.

Personalized Dashboard

It provides employees with a comprehensive view of their work-related information and activities, allowing them to manage their work more efficiently and effectively.


It allows employees to delegate their tasks or responsibilities to other colleagues or team members in the organization as & when needed.

Return to Work

It streamlines the process of employees rejoining the workforce after being absent due to various reasons such as medical leave, maternity/paternity leave, sabbatical, or any other approved leave.

Annual Appraisals

It enables employees to receive feedback on their performance over the past year, and their goals and objectives for the upcoming year.

Annual Objectives

It help employees align their work with the organization's strategy and goals, improve their performance, and enhance their career development.

Access to Announcements

It helps employees to stay informed about company news and policies, which can lead to increased engagement and productivity.

Access to Company Policies

It help organizations ensure that employees are aware of & understand company policies & procedures.

Cyber secured by design

COMMATE is designed keeping cybersecurity in mind. It strongly takes care of many type of attacks thus making it robust & resilient. We help businesses make the digital transformation a breeze & with the Cybersecurity-by-Design incorporated in COMMATE, you can securely access your business anytime, anywhere!


We add value to your business

Our clients have gained efficiency, transparency, mobility & many more advantages by running their business on COMMATE.
Whether you are a business owner or a manager or an employee of a company, COMMATE will help you get more than what you have been getting today.

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