Accurate and efficient payroll management ensures financial data accuracy, promotes transparency in resource allocation, and supports employee retention efforts.


COMMATE's Payroll module is designed to meet the essential payroll needs of organizations. Some of its benefits are:


Time & Attendance

It streamlines the entire process of tracking & managing employee work hours, attendance,etc., to ensure accurate payroll processing and compliance with labor laws & reduce administrative workload.

Payroll by Site

It enables organizations to manage payroll for their employees based on their location or worksite. It is particularly useful for companies that have multiple locations or offices.

Roster & Shifts

It helps organizations plan, create, and manage employee schedules to ensure proper coverage, compliance & productivity. It focuses on creating & managing employee schedules, shift assignments, & roster plans.

Adhoc Entries

It helps organization make quick & accurate one-time adjustments to an employee's payroll record. It provides flexibility, accuracy, & compliance with labor laws, which helps improve employee satisfaction & financial reporting.

Payroll for Employees

It ensures accurate payroll records & timely payment of employees in compliance with applicable laws & regulations. It empowers employees to access their payroll-related information and reduces HR administrative workload.

PDF Payslips with Encryption

It enables organizations to generate encrypted payslips in PDF format, which can be securely shared through email. It ensures that the payslips can be accessed only by the intended recipient.

Parameterized Payroll Setup to support local compliance

It enables organizations to configure various payroll parameters such as tax rates, deductions, benefits, etc., according to the specific regulations of each location where they operate.

Import Data from Excel-Adhoc entries

It supports data validation, allowing businesses to perform checks on the imported data to ensure that it meets the required criteria, such as data formatting, data type, and other validation rules.

Import Data from Excel-Timesheets

It maps data to the appropriate fields in the system, allowing for accurate import of time-sheet information. It reduces the likelihood of errors during manual data entry, and it saves time and effort.

Payroll Payments

It allows organizations to quickly & securely make payroll payments to employees, either through direct bank transfers or through printed checks.It includes a feature for creating & printing pay checks, which can be customized.
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