Equipment & Transportation

Equipment Maintenance and Transportation Management allows businesses to keep track of their equipment, schedule maintenance tasks, & manage inventory of spare parts and helps to manage their transportation operations, such as shipping, receiving, and tracking deliveries. 


Create & Track Maintenance Request

It enables users to initiate and monitor maintenance requests for various equipment within an organization.

Create Maintenance Job Cards

It allows users to generate job cards for maintenance tasks related to specific equipment. The job card contains important details related to the maintenance task.

Assign Jobs to Team

It allows users to assign maintenance jobs or tasks to a specific team or group of technicians based on various criteria, such as the team's skill set, availability, workload balancing, or geographical proximity to the job site.

Maintenance Schedule

It provides a scheduling interface where users can view and manage the maintenance schedule. It integrates with a calendar application, allowing users to visualize and track maintenance activities alongside other organizational events or tasks.

Equipment Gate Pass

The gate pass is generated as a document that serves as an official authorization for the equipment movement. The gate pass includes essential information such as the equipment details, gate pass number, authorized personnel, dates, and any special instructions or conditions.

Track Equipment/Vehicle Movements

It captures and stores the movement history of equipment and vehicles. It records timestamps, locations, routes, and any relevant details of previous movements. This historical data provides a comprehensive view of past activities and enables performance analysis, optimization, and compliance verification.

Accident Register

It allows users to record and manage information related to accidents or incidents involving equipment or vehicles based on its nature and severity.

Equipment & Vehicle Document Management

It allows users to link documents to specific equipment or vehicles within the system. This establishes a connection between equipment or vehicle records and associated documents, making it convenient to access relevant documents directly from equipment or vehicle profiles.
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