Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management provides a comprehensive suite of tools and features to help businesses optimize their supply chain operations, achieve greater efficiency, and enhance coordination with suppliers.


It is designed to help businesses make data-driven decisions to optimize their supply chain performance.
Some of the benefits are:


Request for Quotation

It helps organizations streamline their procurement activities, ensure competitive bidding, and maintain transparency and traceability in the procurement process.

Material Request

It helps organizations streamline their procurement activities, ensure timely availability of materials, and maintain traceability in the procurement process.

Purchase Request

It facilitates effective communication between the requesting department and the procurement team, leading to informed procurement decisions and cost-effective sourcing of goods or services.

Purchase Order Management

It helps organizations optimize their procurement processes, reduce manual errors and delays, ensure compliance with procurement policies and budget constraints, and maintain transparency in the procurement process.

A/P Invoicing

It enables organizations to track and analyze vendor performance, leading to more informed procurement decisions, cost savings, and improved supplier relationships.

A/P Down Payment Invoicing

It helps organizations manage their cash flow by allowing them to make advance payments for goods or services while also ensuring compliance with payment policies and regulations.

Goods Receipt

It ensures that goods or services are received, verified, documented, and integrated into the organization's processes accurately and efficiently.

Goods Returns

It involves multiple steps, such as return authorization, return shipment, goods receipt, credit or replacement processing, reporting and analysis, and integration with other modules.

Detailed Inventory Transactions

It helps companies to gain valuable insights into their supply chain and make data-driven decisions to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase profitability.

Multiple Warehouses

It helps businesses manage their inventory, optimize shipping costs, improve order fulfillment times, and generate valuable insights through reporting and analytics.

Internal Transfers

It helps in creating a transfer transaction within the system, specifying the details of the transfer, such as the type of resource being transferred, the source and destination locations, quantities, and any associated costs.

Material In/Out

It helps in maintaining accurate inventory balances, tracking material movements, and ensuring that materials are available when needed for production or other operational activities.

Damaged Goods Management

It involves various processes to manage damaged goods effectively, including inventory management, return management, quality control, reporting & analytics, supplier management, and document management.

Inventory Write-Offs

It helps organizations to improve their inventory management practices and minimize the impact of write-offs on their financial statements.

Inventory by Project/Sales Order

It helps businesses effectively manage inventory associated with specific projects or sales orders, providing better visibility, control, and efficiency in inventory management processes.

Batch & Expiry Date-wise Inventory

It helps businesses to ensure that they use their oldest inventory first, reducing the risk of expiry and waste.

Cyber secured by design

COMMATE is designed keeping cybersecurity in mind. It strongly takes care of many type of attacks thus making it robust & resilient. We help businesses make the digital transformation a breeze & with the Cybersecurity-by-Design incorporated in COMMATE, you can securely access your business anytime, anywhere!


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